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Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, 300-Hour Yin Yoga


It is a matter of living everything: strength and vulnerability. It’s the only way to live authentically and to feel completely whole. My yoga classes, retreats and workshops aim to impart just that, the deeper trust that you can accept the rules of life and yourself, with all aspects that are going on in the present moment. The answers you have been looking for might just appear or maybe the questions will simply vanish.


I am grateful for life and the experience of connection.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” (Rumi)


Sound enhances feelings and can convey indescribable things. I love chanting mantras, especially when accompanied by the harmonium.


To meet every human and living being, including myself, in the most heartfelt, empathetic and grateful way possible! Yoga, nature, mountains, friends and my dog Rana support me on this path, in ways lively and powerful as well as tender and quiet. When I’m not on the mat, you will find me in nature. I also support social entrepreneurship.

Full Moon Yoga, Yoga Retreats, Yoga on the Move Berlin, Yoga Lehrerausbildung, ganzheitliches Sequencing Yoga, Online Live Yogakurse, Yoga im Grünen


2020: Training Program “Officinal Plants”

2019: Yin Yoga Teacher Training „Chakras/Meridians“

2019: “5 Elements” Training - Krishnataki, Greece

2018: Cranio Sacral Module 1, Geneva, Switzerland

2015-2018: Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings - Biff Mithoefer, Munich, France, Italy, USA (250h)

2017: Osteothai certified - David Lutt (France)

2016: Assistence - Thai Yoga Massage Trainings, Krishnataki, Greece

2015: 800-Hour certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, New York, USA

2014-2015: Thai Yoga Massage Trainings, Krishnataki, Greece

2014: Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Power Yoga Institute, Hamburg

2014: Assistence – Patrick Broome Munich

2013: 300h Jivamukti Teacher Training - Sharon Gannon, David Life, Patrick Broome and Yogeswari

Practice with Boris

Weekly Classes

Sunday 20.30 - Yin & Mantra (DE)

Yogakurse, Studiokurs, Yogalehrer, Yoga for Future, Vinyasa Yoga, Privatyoga, Full Moon Yoga, Yoga Retreats
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