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Yoga teacher & psychologist

"I was overwhelmingly surprised by the transformative powers of yoga having first tried it in 2012. I walked in with the idea of an easy-going post-workout stretch in mind, unaware of the power yoga possesses to provide energy, strength and balance both physically and mentally. I became infatuated with the peaceful and connecting experience of a yoga class and could not stop exploring.

Since then, yoga has been my guidance to connect with the inner truth and find flow through mindfully experiencing body, mind and soul. I have practiced various styles of yoga and completed my Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali with Shades of Yoga in 2017. Along this journey, my teachers and fellow yogis inspired me so much that I am now excited to share this beautiful experience and learn more on the way.


As a psychologist, I am especially intrigued by the positive effect of yoga on our mental well-being and it’s potential to counteract stress-related disorders. 

Therefore, I am currently implementing a yoga program especially designed for people with anxiety to research the effects of a regular yoga practice on reducing the clinical symptomatology of panic disorder and/or agoraphobia at the Charité (Research Group for Anxiety Disorders)."

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2017: 200hrs Vinyasa YTT, Shades of Yoga, Ubud, Bali

2018: Yoga Teacher at Yoga on the Move

2018: Research study on yoga and anxiety at the       Charité (Research Group for Anxiety Disorders)

2020: Pregnancy Yoga Training, Yoga Vidya

2022: 152hrs Teacher Training for Psychological Yoga Therapy - nivata® therapist

Practice with Dania

Weekly Classes

Tuesday 20.15 - Strong & Deep (EN)

Yogaklasse Berlin-Schöneberg, Yoga Schüler, Yoga Retreats, Yoga on the Move, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Matten
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