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Embodied Nature - Spring Yoga Retreat

Let's awaken Body, Mind & Soul!

 Uckermark, Germany.

4. - 7. April 2024

Check in Thursday at 5pm
Check out Sunday at 2pm

Let's awaken body, mind & soul from its winter sleep at our “Embodied Nature - Spring Yoga Retreat”.

Valery & Marlene from Yoga on the Move are inviting you to a beautiful nature getaway to Breitenteicher Mühle, a holistic Yoga & Meditation center just 90 km north of Berlin.

The program “Embodied Nature” is a multi-sensory experience connecting yoga with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 5-Elements, community, healing nature and wellness.

In the midst of a calm & peaceful nature reserve in Brandenburg we will spend four healing days reawakening body, mind & soul by practicing yoga and meditation, enjoying steaming sauna & natural hot tub sessions as well as refreshing walks in the surrounding forests & meadows.

Join our teachers Marlene & Valery to reconnect with nature & find balance within.


“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go” 

- Rumi

Nature shares its wisdom through the language of the elements. In human perception, the uniqueness of these patterns is perceived as harmony and beauty.  Yet nature’s wisdom doesn't only exist outside of us, its elements are an inherent part of our own being. By observing nature we are essentially observing ourselves. Your physical body, your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are an expression of nature.

In these four days we will learn to understand and deepen the connection of us as individuals and nature and all that surrounds us. You can expect daily practices in Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga aligned with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 5-Elements and their meridians.


Exemplary day at the retreat

08.30 Guided meditation & pranayama

09.00 90 minute Vinyasa Yoga according the 5 Elements

11.00 Vegetarian wholefood brunch

12.00 Free time for Sauna, Relaxation or Nature walks

14.00 Inspiring workshops & talks

17.00 Restorative & relaxing Yin Yoga along the meridians

19.00 Vegetarian wholefood dinner

21.00 Bonfire & Connection under the starry sky

Workshops included in our program

Traditional Chinese Medicine - The 5 Elements

Acupressure Massage Workshop

Forest Bathing & Walking Meditation

Herbal Tea ceremony

The retreat will be guided in English.

About the retreat home

The Breitenteicher Mill is a holistic Yoga & Meditation center located at Angermünde in Brandenburg, Germany, just 90 km north of Berlin.

The former water mill is the home for seminars dedicated to personality development, Yoga, Tai Chi, Art, Music and Spirituality. A sweat lodge, sauna, fireplace and bathtub in the beautiful garden are part of the property and allow you to deeply care for body, mind and soul.

The kitchen offers vegetarian and vegan, organic food, using mainly regional products. An own fruit and vegetable garden as well as beekeeping make self-sufficiency possible to a limited extent.



Twin Room:

Early-Bird: 595 EUR /  Full Price: 645 EUR

Shared Room:

Early-Bird: 560 EUR / Full Price: 590 EUR

Single Room:

Early-Bird: 680 EUR / Full Price: 730 EUR

What is included:

accommodation for 3 nights, sauna, healthy & organic meals,  yoga program, props & equipment as well as workshop material.


Additional offerings:

private yoga


About the team

The retreat is led and guided by Marlene & Valery from Yoga on the Move. The two will guide you step by step into the practices independently of your level of experience.


Valery is a 550hrs+ certified Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher who perceives Yin Yoga and meditation, to be great practices to balance the more active energy in the city. Her 300hrs Advanced Vinyasa YTT in Mexico showed her that the focus on sound and bhakti yoga were the missing pieces in her practice. Connection to our heart center and operating from there is so much needed in this world.

Indoor_May 18 2023_49.jpg

Marlene is a 900hrs+ certified Yoga Teacher, co-founder of Yoga on the Move and Nike trainer. She experienced the healing power of yoga in her own body and is now passionate to share the practice with a full heart & joy.

With her classes she inspires to let go of the everyday worries and invite to dive into deeper layers of consciousness. She teaches Vinyasa, meditation. Pranayama and yin yoga.

Valery, Marlene & Jenny are excited to welcome you! 

Jenny is a licensed naturopath and practitioner for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as well as a 550hrs+ certified Yoga teacher. Growing up in the West, Jenny has been in touch with Eastern practices since being little through her upbringing. In her TCM studies she got to comprehend these time-honored traditions and found deep appreciation for these healing practices embracing their holistic lens of well-being and interconnectedness between humans and nature. Her purpose is to rebalance the body and mind while honoring the individual design of the human body and reminding it of what it is so good at doing - healing. 

Valery, Marlene & Jenny are excited to welcome you! 

Outdoor_May 18 2023_57.jpg

About the transport

Breitenteicher Mühle is located in a nature reserve just 90 km north of Berlin.

From Berlin's main train station, a regional train currently runs directly to Angermünde every hour without changing trains. The journey time is approx. 55 min.

Arrival & Departure

We will connect those, who are interested to share rides or train tickets. The transport is not included in the price.

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