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Yoga teacher & naturopath

"My yoga journey started 5 years ago in a Kundalini workshop which deeply opened my heart. Since then I tried out different yoga styles and arrived in the Vinyasa practice.

The combination of breath and movement brings me closer to myself, helps me to arrive in my body, to quiet my mind and to fully enjoy the life. 

As a psychologist I’m fascinated about the the connection of body, mind and soul. To deepen my knowledge I started  2017 an alternative medicine practitioner training program.

In the same year I completed my ashtanga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. Since then I have been teaching in several studios in Berlin and organize retreats and workshops.

Through my studies my classes have a holistic approach. They are dynamic and soft, challenging and relaxing.

For me its important that everyone can join my classes and enjoy the time on the mat."


2017: 200hrs Ashtanga TTC Rishikesh India

2019: Yoga Teacher at Yoga on the Move

2020: Certified Naturopath

Yoga Matten, Yoga on the Move Berlin-Schöneberg, Retreats & Events Yoga, Festival Yoga

Practice with Freddi

Weekly Classes

Monday 20.15 - Yang to Yin Yoga (EN)

Thursday 20.15 - Yin Yoga (EN)

Festival Yoga, Yoga Student, Yoga-Weiterbildung, Yoga on the Move Studio, The Shala
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