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Security & Hygiene concept for Corona prevention

The health & safety of our community is of utmost importance to us. Therefore we want to share our hygiene concept with you following the guidance of the Berlin Senat and kindly ask for your support and compliance.

As of 1st April 2022, the corona regulations (3G) will no longer apply. This means that you can enter the studio and practice with us without any test or vaccination proof. We still recommend to enter the studio with a mask. You are welcome to take off the mask for the yoga practice.


  • We kindly ask you to refrain from visiting our studio if you are not feeling well or are feeling any symptoms of illness. Visiting our studios with a cold or COVID19 infection is prohibited.

  • Take advantage of our live stream offering if you don't feel ready to take part in group courses.

  • Our teaching team will only teach when they feel healthy.

  • Effective yoga is only possible if you as a visitor come to the open courses with a relaxed and balanced attitude. If you feel overwhelmed with compliance with all of the hygiene regulations below or if you have to scrupulously monitor compliance with others, you should use our online offering. We give our best to ensure that all visitors adhere to the rules, but we cannot be held responsible for individual violations. We want to create a safe space, but also a relaxed atmosphere.



  • Please pre-register to all classes via Eversports on our homepage or Fitogram in the Urban Sports Club app.

  • When registering online: Please complete your contact details, as every participant must be registered according to the corona regulations. Necessary data are: name, address of the current place of residence, e-mail address and phone number.

  • Registration in advance is mandatory. Spontaneous visitors who arrive unannounced cannot take part. Payment on site is not possible.

  • Since the number of places is very limited, we ask that you only book a place if you can actually keep the appointment. Please note that we have extended our cancellation period to 3 hours. This means that you can only cancel the appointment 3 hours before the lesson begins. After that, cancellation is no longer possible. Your seat reservation will then be deducted from your ticket quota, even if you did not attend the lesson. If you are an UrbanSportsClub member, you will be charged a no-show fee of € 13 if you do not appear.


Waiting room

  • In the waiting area outside the studio or stairwell, a minimum distance of 1.5 m must be observed. The previous group has to leave the studio completely before the next group comes in. It is best to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the course on site.

  • The changing room can be used by 4 people at a time. It's best to come to the studio in your yoga clothing. 


Mask & Hygiene requirement

  • We recommend to enter the studio with a mask. You are welcome to take off the mask for yoga practice.

  • When going to the toilet or moving around during the course, please put on the mouth / nose protection.

  • Put the mask back on after class and leave the studio.

  • After arriving & checking in, wash your hands with soap or use the hand sanitizer at the counter.

  • Only use your own towel (preferred for environmental reasons) or the paper towels.

Yoga mat and props​

  • Please clean your borrowed mats & blocks with the surface disinfectant provided.

  • Mats and props can also be purchased in the studio and bought contactless by bank transfer.

  • The storage of mats and aids in the studio is currently not permitted.


Tea, water, snacks

  • Please bring your own drink in a sealed container. 

  • You can pour yourself water or tea from the containers provided.

  • Placing open glasses and cups on the exercise area is no longer permitted.


Cough and sneeze etiquette

  • Always cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief.

  • Love each other without physical contact.



  • The rooms, including the toilets, are ventilated with open windows for the entire duration of the course. Please do not close the windows without authorization and bring warm clothing with you.


Cleaning the studios

  • As usual, our studios are cleaned regularly.



  • The above rules are designed to allow you to practice in the studio without any contact with the surfaces nevertheless hand disinfectant is provided in the studio.


We are looking forward to welcome you in our shala.

If you have any further questions or suggestions regarding the regulations, write us an email to

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