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Yoga Teacher & Architect

My father introduced yoga into my life more than 20 years ago. While working as a sports physiotherapist and TCM practitioner, he began to study yoga as a way to deepen his already extensive knowledge of the human body. He was also looking for a way to heal a bad back injury that had been haunting him for years — both of which he managed to do effortlessly through practicing and teaching yoga.


Because of that, I was inspired to view yoga mainly as a healing practice — a way to remind one’s body of its self-healing capabilities, the importance of taking breaks and of listening to itself rather than pushing limits. I became a yoga teacher 5 years ago and mostly worked with people who had physical boundaries. They taught me more than I had ever expected, and continue to do so to this day.


My classes are safe and self-aware. I value taking breaks instead of overachieving, because I deeply believe in the inherent connection between the body and the mind. In today’s fast-paced and overwhelming world, it is always valuable for us to sit still and listen to our breath.



2019-2020: 200 hrs Teacher Training „Yoga ist Berlin…“

2020: 50h Pranayma Teacher Training

2021: 3x 100 hrs Teacher Training „Yoga ist Berlin…“

2020-now: teaching physically limited people in a physiotherapy

Practice with Will

Weekly Classes

Sunday 18:00 - Warrior Flow (EN)

Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Matten, Yoga on the Move Berlin-Schöneberg, Retreats & Events Yoga, Festival Yoga
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