Yoga Teacher & Fashion Consultant

“I started my yoga path in my 20s. I haven’t done sport since my teenage years and out of being lazy to go to the gym or run in the park I chose yoga. And because of its promise to work your body and mind of course.


I lived in Paris back then where I worked in the crazy fashion business, looking so fancy from outside, but being so precarious and unstable from inside. I needed something to calm my mind and tone my booty at the same time. I started full on with a very intensive Ashtanga practice – until its competitive aspect took control of me and I pushed it too far and hurt my lower back. Only later I found out that this type was “designed” to control the exuberant energy of young teenage boys. I opted for a more varied and open Vinyasa style then and ultimately decided to take a teacher training. Mostly to improve my own practice, but soon I really wanted to teach and make others feel as good as I did every time in Savasana. Finally ready to completely let go. How many times I cried in that final posture, not of sorrow, but more of releasing old blocks and patterns. It took me a few years to let go of that ambition to one day being able to put my leg behind my neck and doing all sorts of crazy Asanas. I learned to accept my body and its limits. I learned what (physical) yoga really is about. We are using our bodies for a bigger means. To come into that state of letting go, finding detachment, that state of pure being. Naturally I got more drawn into any kind of meditation practices and finally to Kundalini yoga which for me perfectly combines body & mind work. Today I love to teach both, Vinyasa and Kundalini, with each having their own ways of flushing body & mind.

My Vinyasa classes can be fast and dynamic, but always with the focus on the breath, or they can be slower, still with the focus on the breath. My focus lays on conscious movements, and correct alignment in order to prevent injuries, I am not so much into crazy advanced poses. Join me & let’s breath together!"



2017: Hatha/Vinyasa TT with Rachele Tersigni, Paris, FR

2019: 200 hrs KRI Kundalini TT with Panch Nishan Khalsa, Berlin

2019: Yoga Teacher at Green Yoga, Berlin

2020: Yoga Teacher at Yoga on the Move, Berlin

Practice with Maria

Weekly Classes

Tuesday 20.15 - Kundalini Yoga (EN)