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Focus of the Month - November

Sangha - Community - संघ 

by Nora 

Meaning: The Sangha generally stands for an association of people with a common vision. The Sanskrit word Sangha also means spiritual community. In the Buddhist context the Sangha is one of the three possibilities to take refuge (next to Buddha as teacher and the Dharma as the teachings). In Yoga, the fellow students are in a Sangha. All yoga practitioners of any tradition, whether they know it or not, form a Sangha.

In these challenging times it is so important to embrace a sense of togetherness within the context of social distancing and fear. In our Yoga on the Move Shala we offer the context of yoga practice in Community Refuge. The Shala is the context for our Sadhana (=that which can be done).

Becoming a Sangha and not just a group of people who happen to practice Yoga in the same (virtual) room means to embrace everyone as an equal on their own journey, to embrace the possibility of learning from each other. It means also to question the fake hierarchy in the teacher-student relationship that often leads to an illusion of separateness. 

The Sangha is:

practicing the good way.

practicing the upright way.

practicing the knowledgeable way.