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Yoga teacher & osteopath

To me Yoga signifies the experience of pure consciousness and the harmonious connection between body, soul, and mind. It's a unique tool that assists me in arriving at the present moment and simply being. Through yoga, I rediscover each time what it means to get closer to my true self, to create space, and to be an observer of my own being. Yoga has become a constant in my life, enabling me to consciously perceive changes.


It brings me joy to share my experiences and knowledge as a yoga teacher, creating unforgettable moments together with others. Simultaneously, I find it enriching to continuously evolve and learn as a student. Engaging with other teachers deeply inspires me and broadens my horizons. Fueled by my profound interest in the human body and its self-healing abilities, I embarked on studying osteopathy in 2021, which greatly enriches my role as a yoga teacher.


In my yoga classes I create a safe space for you to explore your body, calm the mind, and be completely present. Through diverse creative sequences with various modifications, you can choose to challenge yourself or take a gentler approach, based on your current feelings. Each new moment on your yoga mat is an opportunity for a fresh start. Experience the consistency within change and find peace in your completeness. The breath remains your constant companion, evolving into pure awareness during the yoga practice, enabling your mind to focus.



2020: 200h Tantra Hatha & Vinyasa Training, Moksha Amazonicas Yoga School, Sacrad Vally, Peru

2020: 40h Yoga Therapeutisch, Yoga Circle Akademie, Berlin

2021: 50h Embodied Teacher Mentorship, Steph Cusack, Original Feelings Berlin

Since 2021: Full-time osteopathy studies, Osteopathie Schule Germany, Berlin

2022: 20h Skilfull Sequencing, The Art of Teaching, Berlin

2023: 50h Assistance bei 200h YTT, The Art of Teaching, Sizilien

2024: Starting 300h Apprenticeship, Yogaonthemove, Berlin

Practice with Sophie

Weekly Classes

Substitute Teacher at the Shala

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