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Yoga teacher & musician

"I have been teaching Yoga for almost 5 years now and I love sharing what I learned and explain how a pose works. My classes usually focus on a subject that we will dive in a little deeper. This way my fellow yogis have the opportunity to learn and grow in their own pace and way.

Regarding certain insecurities I sometimes pick up from talking to people: “I am not so flexible enough - I am not so strong -  I am too weak - I have new fancy yoga pants.“ I don’t know about all this, I just love yoga, I love moving, I am human, I would love to share what I know and practice together.


The yoga philosophy means to me to have a healthy mind in a healthy body."


2013: Founder of Buddha Balance, Groningen, Netherlands

2017: 200h Vinyasa Ashtanga YTT, Goa, India

2018: Yoga Teacher at Yoga on the Move

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Practice with Sebastiaan

Weekly Classes

Sunday 9.30 - Soul Flow (EN)

Sunday 11.00 - Handstand Vinyasa (EN)

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