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A multi-sensory journey in a layed-back retreat center at Uckermark, Germany.

9. - 11. June 2023

Check in Friday at 5pm
Check out Sunday at 2pm


Leave the city behind to nurture your inner being in the heart of a loving community.

Dania and Nora are inviting you to join them on a yogic inquiry taking time to (re)connect to the wisdom of your body, mind & soul.


Together we will slow down, do less, and prioritize spending time to return to the things that matter most.
Slow living means to fully be in the moment, to discover the simple joys of life and the beauty of existence.


Our retreat program "Wisdom of the Bodies" will guide you step by step through the five layers of the body (Koshas) to re-establish deep inner connection and trust. We will connect to our bodies by practicing Asana (Annamaya Kosha), rekindle the life force through breathwork (Pranamaya Kosha), find clarity and calm in meditation (Manomaya Kosha), express intuitive knowing through journaling and inquiry (Vijnanamaya Kosha) and hold space for love and bliss in a magical surrounding (Anandamaya Kosha).

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About the retreat home

In the outbacks of Uckermark, just one hour away from Berlin but far enough to leave our busy lives behind, we enter the calm land of Taubenblau. The newly renovated historical house offers plenty of space for communion and retreat. 

The different bedrooms range from spacious luxurious to small and practical. All rooms are conceptually well thought out, bright and friendly.

The surroundings are perfect for long walks or meditative hikes through the Lower Oder Valley National Park.

About the team

The retreat is led and guided by Dania & Nora from Yoga on the Move. The two will guide you step by step into the practices independently of your level of experience.


Dania has been teaching with Yoga on the Move for almost 5 years now. As a psychologist, she is working with mindfulness-based therapy approaches and is researching the effects of yoga on our mental well-being and it’s potential to counteract stress-related disorders. Sharing yoga as a practice on and off the mat she wants to inspire a compassionate and accepting approach to dive into deep layers of experience. 


Nora has been sharing yoga as practice to reveal that we are not separate - not from our body, not from nature and not from each other. In her work as a yoga teacher, psychologist and musician she embraces the vast interconnectedness with everything and tries to encourage everyone to participate in the harmony of life that already exists, accessible to everyone that dares to take a deep breath. 

Dania and Nora are excited to welcome you! 

… and I said to my body.


‘I want to be your friend’

It took a long breath.

And replied,

‘I have been waiting my whole life for this’

- Nayyirah Waheed


Throughout the weekend, we will apply the principles of slow living and remember the basic rights that yoga locates within the body and mind: to be here, to feel, to act, to love, to speak, to see and to know. 


Find back to the innate wisdom of your body through magical flows, breath, meditation & group work. Lots of time to unwind in nature and restore the powerful knowledge of your body beyond the surface layers. 


Exemplary day at the retreat

08.30 - Guided meditation & pranayama

09.00 - 90 minute Vinyasa Yoga 

11.00 - Vegetarian wholefood brunch

12.00 - Free time for Relaxation or Nature walks

14.00 - Inspiring workshops & talks

18.00 - Restorative & relaxing Yin Yoga 

20.00 - Vegetarian wholefood dinner

21.00 - Bonfire & Connection under the starry sky


Workshops included in our program:

The psychology of the 5 Koshas

Body communication and wisdom 

Forest bathing & walking meditation 

Cacao ceremony 

Tuning in to your authentic values and visions 

The Retreat program will be guided in English.

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Twin Room

Early-Bird: 530 EUR /  Full Price: 580 EUR

Dorm (3-4 beds):

Early-Bird: 480 EUR / Full Price: 520 EUR

Single Room: 

Early-Bird: 580 EUR /  Full Price: 630 EUR

What is included:

accommodation for 2 nights, healthy & organic meals,  yoga program, props & equipment as well as workshop material.


What is not included:

transport & additional bookings like private yoga.

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About the transport

Transportation is not included in the retreat price.

The location can be easily reached by public transport from Berlin Hbf.

Arrival & Departure

We will connect those, who are interested, with each other to share rides or train tickets.

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