The Shala Studio

Our Studio in Schöneberg

The Shala is the homebase of the Yoga on the Move collective. After teaching outdoor classes at unique spots all over Berlin, we are now also inviting you to our own studio in Schöneberg. We have created a space where everyone can feel welcome, beginners and advanced yogis - a safe harbour for our community. Inspired by our motto “root to rise”, we have designed a studio where our students can relax and return to their grounding energies. At the same time, elements like swings invite you to discover your own lightness and playfulness and join us in our flow.

From October 5th you'll find us in the backyard of Akazienstr. 27 in a beautiful and bright loft on the 4th floor.

Leonie and Marlene, founders of Yoga on the Move, have shared their vision on our blog here.


All classes are being streamed. Check our Online schedule here.

How to find us

The Shala
Our studio at Akazienstr. 27 is in the backyard on the right. Climb up to the 4th floor.


all classes have to be booked in advance via Eversports

Regular Ticket: 14 EUR

Student Ticket: 12 EUR

10-Classes Regular: 120 EUR*

10-Classes Student: 100 EUR*

Trial Month: 35 EUR ***

Monthly Flatrate: 70 EUR / month**

6-month Flatrate: 60 EUR / month

+ Urban Sports Club possible

*6 months notice **cancel at any time ***only for new customers


Early Rise Flow: Awaken your body & mind with a mobilizing & energizing flow. All levels are welcome. 

Mindful Morning (Meditation & Flow): Start your day with clarity & intention. This practice will prepare your mind with focusing meditation techniques and vitalize your body with mindful movement. All levels are welcome.

Magic Morning Flow: Inspire your heart & spirit with a magical morning flow. All levels are welcome.

Yoga Express 45: Take a break & light up your day with a short but effective yoga practice. All levels are welcome. Please bring your own mat.

Warrior Flow: Strengthen your entire body as well as your mind with a strong & powerful Vinyasa flow. All levels are welcome, some experience is recommended.

Soul Flow: Reconnect with your soul in a deep dance like flow in the rhythm of your breath. All levels are welcome, some experience is recommended.

Yang to Yin: Release stored emotions and tensions with a yang to yin practice. A gentle flow followed by restorative stretches and deep meditation will provide you with balance, rest, and repose. All levels are welcome.

Upside Down Vinyasa: Shift your percpective in this inversion focused Vinyasa class. All levels are welcome, some experience is recommended.


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