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8-week Course: Yoga Fundamentals

About the course

This 8-week Yoga Immersion is for you if you are newly embarking on your yoga journey, or if you are interested in rebuilding the foundations and deepening your practice. So whether you are still new to the practice or you would like to immerse yourself in your path, this course is just for you. Marlene & Leonie will mindfully guide you through the eight weeks, helping you to connect more fully with your body and mind week by week. Each week, we will focus on specific Asana, Meditation and Pranayama practices to create a stable foundation for your yoga path. We will give you detailed alignment cues, assists and background information to create a safe space to mindfully experience body, mind and soul. Getting to know your individual physical constitution, you will learn how to use yogic techniques in a complementing and supportive way. COURSE CONTENT *Weekly Online Yoga Classes (8x 75 min) *Recordings of all classes in HD for you to rewatch or repractice *Handbook with the theoretical background & the fundamentals of Yoga *Pranayama & Meditation techniques *Detailed alignment to fundamental Asanas *Virtual connection through a Chat group *Individual adjustments in an optional 1:1 session *Getting to know your own body in a supportive way *Connection with like-minded people




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8-week Yoga Fundamentals Course

8-week Yoga Fundamentals Course

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