Yoga Retreats
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To us, our Yoga Retreats are really the heart piece of Yoga on the Move, as they allow us to come together as a community for an extended period of time, to connect with each other and dive deep into the wisdom & teachings of Yoga.

- Leonie & Marlene, founders of Yoga on the Move

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

  • Embodied Nature - Spring Yoga Retreat
    Apr 07, 5:00 PM – Apr 10, 3:00 PM
    Angermünde, Breitenteicher Mühle, 16278 Angermünde, Deutschland
    Let's awaken Body, Mind & Soul! Join Freddi & Marlene for our Spring Retreat at beautiful Breitenteicher Mühle.
  • Finding Balance - Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat
    Fri, Jul 22
    Jul 22, 3:00 PM – Jul 24, 3:00 PM
    Lunow-Stolzenhagen, 16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Germany
    Leonie and Uta from Yoga on the Move are taking you on a weekend retreat to a beautiful farm in Brandenburg. Treat yourself with three days in nature to decelerate and reconnect. The program created around the theme “Finding Balance" is rooted in the ancient wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda.
  • Be Here Now - Holistic Yoga Retreat in Italy
    Aug 27, 2:00 PM – Sep 03, 2:00 PM
    In Sabina, Italy, 02049 Torri In Sabina RI, Italy
    Freddi & Marlene from Yoga on the Move are inviting you to our second retreat in Italy nestled in the gorgeous countryside of In Sabina just an hour from Rome. "Be Here Now" is a multi-sensory journey connecting yoga with mindfulness, community, creativity and the art of joyful living.

The word retreat [rɪˈtriːt] describes "an act of moving back" or "withdrawing".

With our Yoga retreats we invite you to come on a multi-sensory journey to fully withdraw from your everyday life. A truly unique time to find deep peace within, create meaningful connections with like-minded people and memories to keep for a life time.

Europe, Germany or Brandenburg: all of our Yoga retreats take place at carefully selected locations surrounded by magnificent, calm nature.

The programs are curated to take you on an enchanting experience for your body, mind and soul, no matter how much Yoga experience you have.


Yoga. Meditation. Breathwork. Ceremonial Circles. Philosophy. Healthy Food. Nature. Community.


We hope to welcome you on an in-depth, immersive journey with us. Below you can find impressions of some of our past retreats.

This was my first retreat and I couldn't have dreamed of a better experience.

I LOVED the location, it was perfect: lots of places to chill, both on your own and in a group. I really enjoyed the schedule; the mornings were very structured which I really loved. It enabled me to really reconnect to myself and to connect with the experience. Remaining silent and taking the time for a looong practice was perfect. I loved the ratio between free time and scheduled activities. I loved the balance between Freddi and Marlene's teachings. Both different but very complementary, creating a very complete experience.


- Participant of Full Bloom Italy Retreat 2021

Visual Impressions of our Italy Retreat


Everything was perfect! The location, food, yoga teacher, atmosphere.

I would love to go back again to this place with you!


- Participant of Finding Balance Ponderosa Retreat 2021

Visual Impressions of our Brandenburg Retreat