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Date will be defined with mentee


Yoga on the Move - The Shala

300h Apprenticeship - Ignite your Potential

The Yoga on the Move Apprenticeship Program (“YMAP” or “the Apprenticeship”) offers you an intense 300+ hours mentoring program to enhance practical teaching skills, direct independent study, deepen sadhana and professional development.

300h Apprenticeship - Ignite your Potential
300h Apprenticeship - Ignite your Potential

Time & Location

Date will be defined with mentee

Yoga on the Move - The Shala, Akazienstraße 27 Hinterhof rechts, 4. OG, 10823 Berlin, Germany

About the Event

We created this program with the intention to facilitate striving and passionate yoga teachers of all backgrounds with the tools they need to develop and refine their teaching skills as well as to develop a profound and deeply rooted self-practice.

This apprenticeship program is for interested yoga teachers with a foundational teacher training of any tradition - Vinyasa Yoga or other - who would like to continue on their path of self-inquiry and study in the effort of becoming the most skillful and truthful yoga teachers they can be.

The Yoga on the Move 300h+ apprenticeship provides yoga teachers with 300+ hours of additional training/continuing education through a set curriculum of practical teaching experiences under close mentor supervision interweaved with a regular yoga asana and meditation practice and mentored self-studies. The program is curated to both enhance your teaching skills as a yoga teacher, to let you grow personally as a practitioner of Yoga and to guide you in your independent studies of Yoga.


The apprenticeship program at Yoga on the Move Berlin can stretch over a time period of 3 months to up to one year. To conclude the program in 3 months you need to invest around 24 hours each week. Its expected time-frame will be negotiated at the beginning of your mentoring program individually depending on the mentor and your individual needs.


- you would like to refine your teaching skills

- you want to deepen and intensify your own yoga practice

- you want to expand your skills beyond teaching Asana towards giving Hands-on Assists, Dharma talks, reciting Yoga Sutras and chanting Sanskrit Mantras.

- you want to find your authentic voice as a teacher

- you want to learn how to create & teach meaningful & transformative yoga classes

- you want to get started as a yoga teacher


Commitment to 300+ hours of deep practice, study and inquiry, 500 Euros registration fee plus a tuition of 3 monthly installments* of 500 Euros to receive a 300+ hour certification.

*If you need more than 3 months (not counting any holiday months, illness or other leaves taken),  to master the program, the investment for each additional month of mentoring is 500 Euros.


The Yoga on the Move 300h+ apprenticeship program is your time to intensify your own yoga practice, to deepen your philosophical understanding of the yogic scriptures (including Sanskrit studies) and, most importantly, to work on refining your personal teaching skills and style. All this under the guidance of your personal mentor from the Yoga on the Move Berlin (YotM) teaching faculty.

All apprenticeships at YotM are organized within the framework and curriculum of our 300+hour Yoga Teacher apprenticeship Program that guarantees one of the highest teaching standards and the best possible outcome. However, depending on your individual needs, the mentor you have chosen and his/her individual strengths and focus in his/her own practice, different areas of the mentoring program can be emphasized and extended by optional topics and assignments. This approach allows you to get a deeper look into specific teaching aspects from your mentor that you might be particularly fond of; while experiencing a well rounded, holistic tutoring.

In addition, you will become an active part of our community and team which will give you access to all classes at YotM. Our goal with the mentoring program at YotM Berlin is to provide you with all the tools necessary to teach high quality yoga classes as early as possible during your mentorship and incorporate you as a mentee at our school as soon as possible into our schedule.

The mentoring program in fact is based on the concept that the mentee is working very closely with his/her mentor in the actual classes that are happening at the studio. The mentee will, for instance, be asked to assist the students in his/her mentor’s classes and will be asked to teach assignments/sequences in these classes. The curriculum of our mentoring program is not aimed at training you how we teach at our yoga school, but rather designed to refine your already existing teaching skills by giving you the opportunity to try them out safely under the supervision of a mentor in a live-class setting with lots of practical feedback and opportunities to refine and improve.


In order to be eligible to apply for the YotM apprenticeship you must have already graduated from a basic Yoga Teacher Training (minimum of 200 hrs) of any lineage (Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Jivamukti or others) before the start of your mentoring program.

A committed and consistent yoga practice is key in the ability to teach yoga authentically and truthfully. Therefore, the second requirement is that you have been a committed yoga student at our school or at any other yoga school and have been taking classes 2-5 times a week consistently for a period of at least two years (alternatively, you can provide records of your consistent practice with other teachers / schools).


For your application, please fill out the application sheet and send the following documents to

In case you are not a student at our school yet, please ask one of your yoga teachers at your home studio to write you a recommendation letter, confirming your dedicated practice.

After we have received your application, we will consider all you’ve submitted as well as the capacity we have at the school to accept you into the program. If we feel that you have to invest some more time in your studies before you can be enrolled, we will give you all the information and a guideline so that you can work on being able to start as soon as possible.


At YotM, we have a number of advanced and 500+ hours certified yoga teachers (500-RYT) participating as mentors in our apprenticeship program.

As the apprenticeship is based on a close relationship between you and your mentor, after your application has been accepted by the school,  your mentor will still have to accept you as a mentee. If this cannot take place, for instance because of your mentor already being at full capacity, you could wait for your mentor to have capacity, or you are welcome to choose a different mentor of your choice or of our suggestion.

At the moment the following mentors can be considered:

  • Alex Perez
  • Marlene Schmitt
  • Natalie Warszewik
  • Nora Wandt
  • Uta Eismann


While the YotM Apprenticeship Program does not newly certify you as a yoga teacher, it is a really meaningful continuing education that you can get after graduating from a yoga teacher training. It will thoroughly prepare you to develop a personal consistent yoga practice and to teach high quality yoga classes, all this in a 1:1 mentor-mentee relationship and in the real-life setting of yoga classes at Yoga on the Move Berlin.

After successful completion of the curriculum of the YotM Apprenticeship Program and passing two test classes to be taught at YotM, you will receive a certificate from Yoga on the Move Berlin certifying that you spent 300+hours of additional continuing education as a yoga teacher in the form of a yoga teacher apprenticeship. Further we will certify you with 300h YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Programm).

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