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Pop-Up Yoga

New outdoor location in Hamburg: Every Monday 6.30pm starting 31st of July at Jupiter Rooftop

Our Classes

How to find us

New: Jupiter Rooftop, Hamburg-Innenstadt
We meet at the entrance next to Jupiter Café and take the elevator up to the top together.
Rooftop Colonia Nova, Berlin-Neukölln
We meet at the ground floor in the foyer of Colonia Nova and go  up to the rooftop together
Retreats & Events Yoga, Festival Yoga, Yoga Student, Yoga-Weiterbildung, Yoga on the Move Outdoor Yoga
Volkspark Rehberge, Berlin-Wedding 
We meet at the corner Transvaalstr./Dohnagestell
and walk together to our yoga lawn.
Baret Rooftop, Humboldt-Forum, Berlin-Mitte
We meet at elevator in the foyer of Humboldt-Forum and go together up to the stunning rooftop terrasse.
Rooftop Yoga Neukölln.png
Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv, Berlin-Neukölln
We meet at the entrance of Prinzessinnengarten and go together to the green sunny yoga oasis.
Prinzessinnen Garten_Yoga.jpg

Our Passes


12 EUR / class




Reduced price*: 10 EUR / class

*for students, unemployed or retiree

Flexible booking

Single class


109 EUR / 10 classes

Now only: 79 EUR / 10 classes




Save more than 30%

Flexible booking of all outdoor classes

Valid for 6 months

10% discount on our shop articles


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