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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a class?
Visit our website: Click on the online or outdoor schedule and pick your class. You'll be forwarded to our booking tool Eversports where you need to create an account and continue with booking your class.
Can I join with USC?
Yes, pick the desired location and time directly through the app.
Can I join with ClassPass?
No, we are not on ClassPass.
Do I have to register with Eversports?
Indeed, it's our booking tool and due to Corona we need your contact details in case of a case.
How is the cancelation period?
You can cancel all classes up to 24h before it starts. You can cancel directly through your app (Eversports, USC, ClassPass).
Do you offer special prices for students?
Yes, we do offer special tickets for our 5-classes and 10-classes pass which you can buy through Eversports. Please send us proof to
I can no longer join the class. Can I get a refund for my ticket?
Unfortunately not. Often we cannot fill up the canceled spots again.
Events: where can I book my ticket?
Go to our website here:, click on the desired event and continue with the booking process.
Events: I cannot make it to the event. Can I get a refund?
You can find our cancelation guidelines here:
Membership: how can I buy one and how often can I join?
Our membership is bookable through our website/Eversports. You can join one class daily - online, outdoors or indoors.
How can I sign up for your newsletter?
Please visit our website and scroll to the bottom:
Do you offer private classes?
Yes, sure. Drop us a note ( with what you have in mind and we'll get back to you.
How does the livestream work?
We are using Zoom for streaming. You don't need an account but if you're using your phone, please download the app. Click on the link to class which you've received via E-Mail.
What's the registration period?
You can register up to 1min before class starts.
What do I need to join?
Open the link to the class (from Eversports profile or USC email) with your phone or laptop. Get your yoga mat and find a quiet place. If you have blocks and a blanket, cozy up :-)
The connection is poor. What can I do?
Check if your internet works fine. Zoom shows you when the connection is bad. Otherwise write in the chat and let the teacher know so that he/she can check it.
Where do I find our pricing?
Find our prices under Online and Outdoor Yoga at the bottom.
When does a class get canceled?
We are checking the weather three hours before class and inform you in case of cancelation via E-Mail. In that case your ticket will become available for other outdoor classes. You can use it as a payment method when checking out with Eversports. If it starts raining during a class our teachers will do a little mood check or find a dry spot under the trees. Worst case, you can come to a different class for free.
It's supposed to rain, does the class still take place?
If it is very likely to rain (60%) and below 16 degrees, we are usually canceling the class. In that case you get an email from us 45min before class the latest.
What happens with my tickets if a class is being canceled?
Your ticket will automatically be available for others classes and appear as a payment method when checking-out.
Where do I find the meeting points?
All meetings point are on our website here:
What do I have to bring with me?
Bring your mat, a jumper or blanket. Maybe sunscreen for sunny days.
The class seams to be booked out. Can I still join?
Our class require a pre-registration (up until 1min before start). A few locations are limited due to space restrictions (Monbijou, B-Part).
Which payment methods do you offer?
In Eversports we offer creditcard, banktransfer or paypal. At our outdoor locations you have to pre-reigster via Eversports.
What happens if an event is being canceled due to bad weather?
You will receive a refund for the ticket or if you wish, come to the next event with your ticket.
What do I need to know?
Please keep the 1,5m distance in mind and wear your mask during check-in. If you feel sick, please stay at home. safety first - thank you :-) Also please pre-reigster your spot online.
I am interested in a cooperation with you. To whom shall I reach out?
Please contact us via:
I am a yoga teacher and like to teach for you.
Please use our online form here: We are getting back to your as soon as possible
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