Business Yoga & Mindfulness

In times of home-office and social distancing, we are facing new challenges that affect our body and mind as well as the way we perform at work and in our teams. 

Yoga on the Move designs flexible and dynamic solutions suited to the current situation.

We offer online live streaming sessions to support your teams' wellbeing and build real team spirit. 

We believe healthy employees make a healthy company!

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Office Yoga
Adding a weekly yoga class to the office routine of your team, supports your employees' wellbeing and increases team spirit. Yoga has the potential to increase your teams productivity, simply because healthy employees make a healthy company!
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Mindful Team Events
You would like to plan a memorable experience for your entire team or company?
With our profound knowledge in Yoga & Mindfulness we offer team events according to your needs and wishes. Sharing laughs, unwinding, creating a deep connection and strengthening team spirit! 
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With the practical tools of meditation, we help your employees to manage stress, prevent burnout and reduce emotional pain. Pausing the day with a guided meditation increases concentration and focus. 
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Workshops & Talks
Our team of certified Yoga teachers has a broad background in different fields of mental health like positive psychology, stress release and mindfulness. We offer workshops and talks that combine the scientific perspective with the holistic yogic approach. Reach out to us to create an experience according to your needs.
Workshop Examples: Understanding Stress, Resilience Workshop, Mindfulness in Business.


Trial Class: 75 Euro + 19% VAT*

Weekly Session 60min: 100 Euro + 19% VAT*

Special Events: upon request 

Workshops: upon request

*travel costs depend on location

As part of the corporate health management, yoga and meditation are subsidized by 500 Euros per employee per year (§ 3 Nr. 34 EStG). The expenses are considered as a tax-free amount.



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