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Business Yoga

It can be very challenging to live and work in a busy city like Berlin.

With the practical tools of yoga and meditation we help your employees to manage stress, prevent burnout and reduce bodily pain. Adding a weekly yoga class to your office routine, supports your employee's wellbeing, increases productivity and strengthens your teams spirit. Simply because healthy employees make a healthy company! 

Corporate Yoga Classes

Our teachers lead grounded, energizing and safe yoga classes, in English and German, for all fitness levels. Especially after sitting in front of the computer all day, yoga can be a big relief to let go of any tension in the neck, back and shoulder area as well as mentally.

Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

Starting the day with a guided meditation session or mindfulness practice during lunch can help your employees to recharge and increase concentration again.


Planning a health day or company workshops? We can facilitate group sessions about resilience, burn-out or stress and explore methods of reducing stress, learning meditation or mindfulness methods. We are happy to tailor an agenda to your needs.




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