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About us

Our mission


Yoga on the Move is a yoga collective that has its base in Berlin-Schöneberg.

Our wish is to spread more peace and lightness into the world through a loving community that is bonded by the holistic traditions of yoga, using the teachings of this ancient discipline to explore the depths of our body, mind, and soul.

With our diverse classes, retreats, and events we’d like to offer a safe space where our students can feel valued and accepted, regardless of their level and background.

Leonie and Marlene started the journey by sharing yoga on donation at Tempelhofer Feld in spring 2017. Since then we’re constantly on the move, spreading our vision and values in many other beautiful venues around and beyond Berlin, infusing them with a sense of serenity and love.

Our Values


We are a supportive community based on respect and compassion, where everyone can feel safe, included, and equally valued.


We wish to create a safe sanctuary of calmness and lightness. A space that offers peace for your heart while allowing you to root down in the present moment.


We are on a mission to bring and encourage positive change in the world. That is why we try our best to promote more environmentally and socially conscious behaviour.


We are a channel of traditional teachings. We honor the roots of the yogic practice and share it as a holistic & contemporary technique to work with body, mind, heart & soul.

Our Team
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