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About us



Yoga on the Move is a yoga collective with its base in Berlin-Schöneberg. It is our intention to form a loving and understanding community through the holistic traditions of yoga and to bring through the teachings of yoga more peace and lightness into the world.

With our diverse classes, retreats and events we want to open up a space where everyone feels safe and accepted, yoga beginners and advanced yogis of all backgrounds. It is our vision to create holistic experiences that inspire body, mind and soul.

Leonie and Marlene started the journey by sharing yoga on donation at Tempelhofer Feld in spring 2017. Since then we’re spreading on atmospheric spaces around and beyond Berlin, filling them with serenity and love.

Our Values


We are a community of respect and compassion, where everyone can feel safe and accepted, yogis of all backgrounds. As a community we show up for each other.


We create a space of calmness and lightness, a space that inspires to be in peace with the present moment and to feel free.


We are committed to bring positive change into the world. It is our wish to support the environment as well as society in the best possible way.


We are a channel of traditional teachings. We honor the roots of the yogic practice and share it as a holistic & contemporary technique to work with body, mind, heart & soul.