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Yoga on the move brings yoga to unique places all over Berlin. It is our mission to connect people through yoga and build a loving community. Together we explore the most beautiful parks and hidden spaces of Berlin. We put all our love and energy in our events to create an atmosphere of kindness where everyone feels accepted – yoga beginners and advanced yogis of all backgrounds.



Yoga on the Move brings yoga to unique places all over Berlin. We are a collective of yoga teachers that share the belief in the transformational power of yoga. It is our intention to form a loving and understanding community through the holistic traditions of yoga and to spread the positive values of the yogic practice.

With our diverse classes and events we want to open up a space where everyone feels safe and accepted – yoga beginners and advanced yogis of all backgrounds. In our yoga classes we usually combine the traditional yoga asanas in a flow with synchronized breathing, electronic beats and some good spirit.

Known as Yoga im Grünen Berlin, Leonie and Marlene started teaching yoga at Tempelhofer Feld in spring 2017. After a wonderful season outside, we decided to move on with our project. Since then we’re spreading on atmospheric spaces throughout Berlin, filling them with a feeling of love and unity.

All of our yoga courses focus on synchronizing movements with breath and combine yoga asanas with meditation and pranayama. Our classes are open to all levels, everybody is welcome. 


Our Team

Marlene Schmitt Yoga Tempelhofer Feld Outdoor Yoga Team
Leonie Fahjen Yoga Tempelhofer Feld Yoga Berlin Neukölln Team
Sebastiaan Brinkman Yogi Yoga Tempelhofer Feld Yoga Event Retreat Berlin Yoga Berlin Neukölln
Dania Esch Yoga B-Part Gleisdreieckspark Tempelhofer Feld Event Retreat Yogini
Marco Weimer Yoga Berlin Neukölln Yoga Event Retreat Berlin
Friederike Laker Yoga Tempelhofer Feld Yoga Berlin Neukölln Vinyasa Flow Yoga Chin Mudra
Antonia Kubeneck Yogini Volkspark Rehberge
Maike Schmidt Yoga Tempelhofer Feld Yogini Yoga Teacher Chin Mudra
Anna Drescher Yoga Tempelhofer Feld Yoga Teacher Yogini
Nora Wendt Yoga Teacher Berlin B-Part Gleisdreieckspark
Valery Diaz Guerrero Yoga Teacher Berlin Yoga Kreuzberg Yoga Berlin Neukölln
Natalie Warszewik Yoga Tempelhofer Feld Yoga Berlin Neukölln Team Yoga Teacher

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