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Osteopath & Yoga teacher

I firstly realized the transformative potential of movement while practicing capoeira, wich made me discover the Asana practice.

Intrigued by my experience, I started a journey of exploring the human body and it’s healing capacity from different perspectives.

Today I view Yoga as a highly transformative toolbox which supports the spiritual journey.

My Yin-classes are a practice to dive deep into the parasympathetic state, exploring the body in it’s layers with time and awareness. 

The modern and science-based anatomical and physiological understanding of the human body and holistic osteopathic approach help me to give my students adjustments in case of injuries, chronic pain or illness.



2014: Karma-Yoga at Kilombo Tenondé, Bahia, Brasil

2019: 200hrs Hatha-Vinyasa-YTT at Dharma Yoga, Berlin

2019: Karma-Yoga at LoveEvolveAwaken YTT, Tuscany, Italy

2022: 50hrs Yin-YTT at Loka Yoga School

2018-2022: Osteopathieausbildung at OSD Berlin

2023: 10-day Ramana Maharshi self-inquiry silent mediation at Hridaya Yogaschool, Lyon, France

2022: Energywork, Level 1 with Anju Gundelach

2023: Energywork, Level 2 with Anju Gundelach

2023: Shamanic student from Anju Gundelach


Practice with Kim

Weekly Classes

Friday 20.15 - Yin Yoga (EN)

Sunday 20.00  - Yin Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Matten, Yoga on the Move Berlin-Schöneberg, Retreats & Events Yoga, Festival Yoga
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