Yoga teacher & passionated dancer

I started modern dance classes at the local jazz dance school when I was three. After moving from Munich to Berlin in 2017 I left modern dance behind and discovered yoga for me. I started with online classes, but soon I got to know Marlene and Yoga on the Move. I vividly remember my first "real live" Yoga sessions with Marlene & Leonie at Tempelhofer Feld. It didn't take long until I felt the effects and benefits of the practice, not only physically, but also mentally.


In March 2019 I travelled to Goa in India to do my Yoga teacher training, where I found out how utterly fascinating Yoga Philosophy and Spirituality is for me. I also realized that teaching Yoga is something I didn't want to miss anymore. I truly believe that Yoga can have a positive impact on people's well-being, health, way of thinking and behavior in our modern and fast way of life. That’s why I would love to inspire people with my passion and love for Yoga to help them feel the benefits and positive changes I've experienced. 
In my classes breath leads the movement. I try to balance my sequences with strong asanas and gentle release, connected with flowy transitions, accompanied by music.  I want my students to get to know their bodies by discovering their very own range of movement and limitations softly. It’s important for me to help them understand that they can trust in their progress and give themselves time. I am looking forward to learning and growing together with you!


2019: 200hrs Multi-Style YTT, Trimurti Yoga, Goa, India

2020: Internship at Yoga on the Move

2020: Yoga Teacher at Yoga on the Move

2021: „Generally Anatomy“ course with Sky Ting Yoga

Practice with Valery

Weekly Classes

Wednesday 8.30 - Magic Morning Flow (EN)