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Yoga teacher, therapist & psychologist

"When I first practiced yoga with my mum over 15 years ago, it opened me up to the vast space of exploring and experiencing. After 1000+ hours of study, ongoing self-practice and exchange with others, I constantly feel the passion to share my practice. My background in clinical psychology helps me to accentuate the connection between yoga and mental health in my classes and I am eager to explore all the possibilities still uncovered. 

My practice is aimed at guiding you with gentleness and precision into your individual given reality, experiencing it in all its perfection. Through enhancing awareness of your own strength and the power of your breath in an energetic flow, let us embrace the wisdom, intelligence and intrinsic harmony that unfold in moving the body and breath together."

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2017: 200h Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Akasha Yoga Academy

2018: Yoga Space Fitzroy, Melbourne

2018 - 2020: Institut für Yogapsychologie, Berlin

2019: 500h Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Akasha Yoga Academy, with Mark Whitwell and Bex Tyrer

Since 2019: Research Project YOPA - Yoga for Anxiety, Charité Berlin

2014 - 2017: B.Sc. Psychology, FU Berlin

2018 - 2021: M.Sc. Clinical Psychology, FU Berlin

2021: 30h Katonah Teacher Training at Original Feelings

2021: 50h Devi Teacher Training at Creature Yoga

2022: 152h Teacher Training for Psychological Yoga Therapy - nivata® therapist

2022: 30h - YTT Katonah Yoga with Alex Sherry, Berlin

2023: 50h YTT Moon Month - Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle, online

2023: 50h - YTT Sequencing and the Subtle Body with Creature Yoga, Berlin

Practice with Nora

Weekly Classes

Monday 20.15 - Yang to Yin (EN)

Tuesday 18.30 - Soul Flow (EN)

Friday 18.30 - Warrior Flow (EN)

Vinyasa Yoga, Privatyoga, Full Moon Yoga, Yoga Retreats, Yoga on the Move Berlin
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