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Breathwork Facilitator & Hypnosis Coach

What is your favourite quote?

* What’s meant for you will never miss you, and what missed you was never meant for you - Anonymous

What does yoga mean to you?

* To arrive fully in the present moment. No matter what kind of practice or tool you’re using

What is the focus in your classes?

* Finding and strengthening the connection to yourself

What is your favourite Asana/yoga exercise?

* Shavasana

What makes you happy?

* Exploring nature with my favourite people



2019 - Children’s Yoga Teacher Turiya Kinderyoga Ausbildung - Turiya Yoga Berlin

2022 - Cacao Ceremony Facilitator/Cacao Source Training - Cacao Source, Guatemala 
2022 - Hypnosis Coach (Hypnoanalysis & Regression)
2023 - Breathwork Facilitator - naou Lichtatmung Berlin

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