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Yoga teacher & medical doctor

Alex was born in Paris and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. It is only when he left his hometown that his true passion was revealed to him. He discovered yoga in a park in Barcelona, while he was a university exchange student. Ever since, his passion for yoga kept growing, and with it a deep and uncontrollable impulse to teach and share what he considers a form of art.

Since then, Alex embarked on a journey seeking the best teachings, so he could transmit this art of yoga to his students in the most comprehensive and modern way possible. His quest led him to Bali, London, Paris, New York and San Francisco where he was able to practice and learn with teachers such as Patrick Beach, David Kyle, Jared McCann, Mathieu Boldron, Janet Stone and many others.

Over the course of his apprenticeship, Alex developed his own way of teaching yoga, a non-rigid and modern form based on a scientific understanding of movement and of the body.

Indoor_May 18 2023_42_edited.jpg

Having received his medical license, Alex uses his profound anatomical and physiological knowledge to adapt his guidance to the unique physiognomy of each of his students, herewith creating a safe environment for all to freely express their body wisdom through movement.

Practice with Alex

Weekly Classes

Wednesday 7.00 - Early Rise (EN)

Thursday 17.00 - Yoga Foundations (EN)

Thursday 18.30 - Warrior Flow (EN)

Saturday 12.45 - Masterclass Vinyasa Flow (EN) 

Sunday 11.00 - Warrior Flow (EN)

Vinyasa Yoga, Privatyoga, Full Moon Yoga, Yoga Retreats, Yoga on the Move Berlin
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