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Yoga Teacher & Vipassana Lover

What does yoga mean to you?

* Yoga is a practice that helps me to find stability in an unstable world. It's basically the core foundation of my life - everything else is built on top of that. It's a place where I seek refugee, a safe space I can connect with myself and work on myself

What is the focus in your classes?

* In my classes I like to focus on the traditions of the practice, mindful movement and align that with the breath. I always offer variations of poses and encourage my students to choose one that is useful for their practice

What makes you happy?

* The sun, good coffee and the ocean make my heart full 

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2018: 200 hrs Teacher Training One Yoga, Thailand

2019: Vipassana Meditation, India

2021: 300 hrs Teacher Training Creature Yoga, Australia

2021: 30 hrs Devi Course with Rose Baudin, Online

2022: 300 hrs Hatha & Kundalini Yoga  Teacher Training Adi Yogpeeth, Rishikesh, India

Practice with Nush

Weekly Classes

Monday 7.30 - Early Rise Flow (EN)
Sunday 9.30 -
 Soul Flow (EN

Yoga on the move, Berlin-Schöneberg Yoga, Outdoor Yoga, Yoga im Grünen, Retreats & Events Yoga, Yogakurse
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