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Co-Founder & Yoga Teacher

"I dove into yoga in my teens in order to keep up my flexibility after practicing gymnastics for many years. 

In March 2017 I made a dream come true by traveling to India and completing my first yoga teacher training. It was a journey that transformed my life profoundly. When I came back to Berlin it felt natural to share what I learned in India with others and I started to teach on donation around the city. With Leonie joining me, we founded Yoga on the Move in Summer 2017 with the vision to share yoga in a joyful and open way, making it accessible to people of all backgrounds and abilities. With my travel to the Indian Himalaya in May 2019 I deepened my knowledge of Yoga as a holistic approach to heal with the tools of Ayurveda and TCM. In September 2020 I completed my training with Dylan Werner which expanded my knowledge of myofascial anatomy and how it can be used as a holistic tool to create overall health & balance. 


Sharing yoga to me means holding a space where my students can fully let go to simply BE. Arriving fully in the present moment with the breath, the body and the mind. By building this conscious body-mind-awareness we dive into deeper layers of consciousness and expand beyond habitual patterns of beliefs and thoughts.

In my Vinyasa Yoga classes I link breath and movement in a creative, uplifting flow infused with my knowledge of anatomy, Ayurveda and TCM. Further I host yoga retreats, workshops, and yoga events around Europe. And yes, music plays a huge role in my classes. Check out my Spotify playlists if you like. See you on the mat!"

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2009: Gymnastics Trainer, SSG Bensheim

2017: 200 hrs "Multi-Style" (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga) TTC at Trimurti Yoga, Goa, India

2017: Founded Yoga on the Move
2018: Nike Trainer Training, Berlin
2018: Grundlagen der Sportanatomie & -physiologie, HU Berlin

2019: 300 hrs "5-Elements: Ayurveda & TCM" TTC at Trimurti Yoga, Dharamsala, India

2020: Research & Masterthesis "Hybridization of Yoga in the West" at Universität der Künste Berlin 

2020: 300 hrs "One Movement Yoga" TTC with Dylan Werner, Shiva Das & Mercy Ananda

2022: 50 hrs Pranayama Teacher Training Level 1 with Eddie Stern & Robert Moses

2022: 14 hrs Mastering The Art Of Yoga Sequencing with Jason Crandell

2022: 30 hrs Katonah Yoga Intensive with Alex Sharry

My Yoga Tune

Practice with Marlene

Weekly Classes

Monday 18.30 - Warrior Flow (EN) 

Wednesday 17.15 - The Move (EN)

Wednesday 18.30 - Warrior Flow (EN) 

Thursday 8.00 - Mindful Morning (EN)

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