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Kundalini Teacher & Kriya Practitioner

Elif Amrita Chanan is a KRI Kundalini certified teacher (Level 1 and 2) and calls her classes Quantum Kundalini.

It is a combination of traditional kundalini elements with her experience as an advanced student of Dr. Joe Dispenza. She carefully selects and

creates special kriyas – a mix of dynamic exercises, postures, breathworks, meditations,

mudras and mantras. This practice is activating and tuning your energy centers by aligning all organs and cells in a unified and coherent way.


It strengthens your nervous system to get more and more in balance and harmony - leading to a natural, healthy rhythm of life.

Experience it!.​

Practice with Elif

Weekly Classes

Sunday 16.00 - Quantum Kundalini (EN) 

Retreats & Events Yoga, Festival Yoga, Yoga Student, Yoga-Weiterbildung, Yoga on the Move Studio
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