Yoga Teacher & Marketing Manager

The first-ever yoga class that I went to was a Power Yoga Flow at my local gym. I was looking to try it out as a form of exercise, not really knowing the incredible mental and emotional benefits I would later come to foster. 


The first few years of yoga for me were very focused on the physical, the asana, where I became obsessed with alignment and understanding the workings of the body. The classes that I taught were Hot Power Yoga, where I enjoyed the physical release. As time went on, however, I began to internalize the practice. I enjoyed slower and “deeper” classes, almost as if yoga were a dance with a synchronized breath. There is nothing more freeing!


Today, I enjoy all aspects and incorporate them into my classes. You can expect a dynamic flow, incorporating both strength and release. My biggest focus is on the breath, working on steadying and deepening it to slow the mind, turn inward, and to be completely present in your experience."


2013: 200 hr Hatha & Vinyasa YTT, Everyday Bliss, Milwaukee, WI

2016: CorePower Yoga Advanced Teacher Training, Washington, D.C.

2019: Hot8Yoga Level 2 Teacher Intensive, Los Angeles, CA

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Weekly Classes

Wednesday 20.15 - Soul Flow (EN)