Yoga teacher & creative thinker

I started my yoga journey 2016 during my performance studies in Lisboa. I had a difficult time back then and dealt with anxieties. Today I honestly can say that meditation and yoga helped getting me out of this hamster wheel. I began to practice and mediate every day and I could taste the fruits of this commitment quickly. I became happier, as I started to understand myself better and better. 


I truly love the asana practice, to get familiar with each bone and tissue of the body. But without the breath, there wouldn't be any yoga practice for me. After a year of constant studies, I decided to travel to the roots of yoga. I did my 200h teacher training at Sampoorna in Goa. 


Back in Berlin I immediately started to teach. First in my living room. Nearly every day friends came over for lessons. After a while the classes were growing bigger and the living room was to small. Then I started to teach at offices, studios and also found an own yoga place.


I'm still practicing yoga everyday, learning more every single time and sharing all my experience. Life doesn't have to be hard. We don't have to suffer. Everyone deserves a joyful life. Yoga for me is a way towards more freedom. I'm very inspired by the yoga philosophy.


My classes are strengthening and stretching the whole body, we are focusing on breath and alignment but also flow, all accompanied by a great soundtrack. The classes start or end with a breathing/meditation practice.


2017: Studies in Body Movement at c.e.m - centro em movimento Lisboa; Portugal

2019: 200h Ashtanga and Vinyassa TTC at Sampoorna Goa