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A multi-sensory yoga journey in the heart of Mallorca's sun-soaked embrace.

12. - 16. July 2024

Check-in Friday 3.30 pm

Check-out Tuesday 10.00 am

Dive into the presence of your own being at our

Be Here Now - Holistic Yoga Retreat  together with Marlene & Nora from Yoga on the Move.

We will spend five nourishing days in the heart of Mallorca's sun-soaked embrace, surrounded by serene mediterranean landscapes.

Be Here Now is a multi-sensory journey guiding you back to inner clarity, calmness and embodied presence. 

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Each day we will start with the soft glow of dawn as the sun graces the horizon. With a panoramic view of the valley we will practice morning meditation and Vinyasa Yoga in the open-air Shala framed by Mallorca's beauty. Gentle whispers of the breeze and the distant lull of the sea provide a soothing soundtrack, weaving a tapestry of relaxation.

Awakening our physical bodies with gentle and dynamic flows, harmonizing breath and movements and soothing our inner voice with Pranayama and meditation.


As the day sets, you are invited to explore the softer side of mindfulness with evening Yin Yoga and Sound healing. Against the backdrop of the setting sun, the practice unfolds as a gentle surrender, inviting release and softening. The soothing cadence of breath accompanies each stretch, creating space for inner reflection and restoration.

Occasionally we will share wisdom, chant Mantras or dance beneath Mallorca's star-studded sky.

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Shared Room:

Early-Bird: 1.095 EUR /  Full Price: 1.160 EUR

Cabana: 1.350 EUR

Safari Lodge:

Early-Bird: 960 EUR / Full Price: 1.045 EUR

Tiny House Mariposa: 1.650 EUR

Tiny House Mimosa:

Early-Bird: 1.085 EUR / Full Price: 1.185 EUR

What is included:

accommodation for 4 nights, healthy & organic meals, water, tea & coffee (self-service),  yoga program, props & equipment as well as workshop material.


What is not included:

transport, excursions & additional bookings

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Silence is essential.

We need silence just as much as we need air, just as much as plants need light.

If our minds are crowded with words & thoughts there is no space for us.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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Between sessions, you have time to plunge into the cooling water of the pool, relax at the vast property, or explore the hidden corners of the island—secluded coves or ancient olive groves.


Evening dinners celebrate local cuisine, tantalizing taste buds. Candlelit gatherings become communal experiences where shared stories and laughter intertwine with the gentle hum of summer nights.

Exemplary day at the retreat 

08.00 Morning guided meditation

08.30 Tea, fruit & time for journaling

09.00 90 minute Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

11.00 Vegetarian wholefood brunch

12.00 Free time to swim, relax or explore

15.00 Light snack

17.00 Restorative & relaxing Yin yoga

19.00 Vegetarian wholefood dinner


Included Specials

Embodied Presence 

Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance Night


Additional Offerings

Horseback Riding

Wine tasting

The Retreat program will be guided in English.

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About our retreat home

Nestled into the island’s rural heart, Osa Major is a stunning finca with a hilltop Yoga Shala, infinity swimming pool, vast relaxation areas, and abundant vegetable gardens.

Immersed in nature, every angle offers panoramic views of the valley and every corner of the property is an invitation to travel and let go.

Osa Major is not just a magical location but also only uses the resources that nature offers from the sun to the fertile grounds of the vegetable garden, that grows the food we eat.

Osa Major is named after the ‘Great Bear’ star constellation which is visible above it every night.

About the team

The retreat is led and guided by Marlene & Nora from Yoga on the Move. The two will guide you step by step into the practices independently of your level of experience.

Nora has been sharing yoga as practice to reveal that we are not separate - not from our body, not from nature and not from each other. In her work as a yoga teacher, psychologist and musician she embraces the vast interconnectedness with everything and tries to encourage everyone to participate in the harmony of life that already exists, accessible to everyone that dares to take a deep breath. 

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About the transport

Transportation is not included in the retreat price.

Arrival & Departure

We will organize group pick ups & drop offs for Friday & Tuesday from and to airport Palma at extra cost. Just let us know if you are interested in taking this offer.

Photocredit: Osa Major

Marlene is a 900hrs+ certified Yoga Teacher, co-founder of Yoga on the Move and Nike trainer. She experienced the healing power of yoga in her own body and is now passionate to share the practice with a full heart & joy.

With her classes she inspires to let go of the everyday worries and invite to dive into deeper layers of consciousness. She teaches Vinyasa, meditation. Pranayama and yin yoga.

Nora and Marlene are excited to welcome you! 

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