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Sa., 27. Juli


Yoga on the Move - The Shala

Breathwork & Sound: Overcome Fear to take Action

This afternoon with Vanessa Naumann, is an opportunity to learn how to step through your fears & start taking action on your goals and desires, using breathwork, hypno-meditation and sound healing.

Breathwork & Sound: Overcome Fear to take Action
Breathwork & Sound: Overcome Fear to take Action

Time & Location

27. Juli 2024, 18:00 – 20:00

Yoga on the Move - The Shala, Akazienstraße 27 Hinterhof rechts, 4. OG, 10823 Berlin, Germany

About the Event

In this practical, body based approach, Vanessa teaches you how to access the root cause of your fears in order to release unconscious mental and emotional blockages that may be holding you back without you even realizing.

"This session is an opportunity to fully ground your mind and heart into this new version of self."

Fear can feel paralyzing to most of us. Often we try to overcome it by "pushing through" or trying to solve our issues with logic and mental strength. Unfortunately, that can create even more resistance or a feeling of "stop and go", where you begin to move forward, then stop again, trying to regain courage but get caught back in the cycle. That's because not all parts of you agree with you moving forward.

In this workshop we focus on creating harmony instead of division inside of you. You'll get to know and understand your fear through your emotions and body's wisdom (the non logical place), which is powerful and essential to fully step through your fears, take consistent action and bring yourself back on track when fear does come up.

When you realize the emotional root of your fear and feel through any feeling you may be holding onto, it enables you to naturally, without force, let go and move forward. We'll use the power of your breath to get you out of your logical mind and connect you to your body and unconscious, where all your limiting stories and held emotions are stored.

About the Techniques:

Breathwork and Sound Healing are transformative somatic tools that can release patterns, such as fear, stress or unexpressed emotions and activate or deepen your body-mind connection, your sense of self-trust, courage and confidence. On a physical level, breathwork and sound contribute to a release of muscular tension, improved blood circulation and increased energy levels.

What to expect:

We’ll start off with a meditation and some journaling to explore your relationship to your fear and why it's there. From there we dive deeper into the somatic part of the session: Vanessa will guide you through a transformative breathwork practice to release held fear and emotions, followed by a soothing sound bath to integrate your experience. Everyone is welcome, no matter if you're a beginner or advanced. Vanessa will explain and guide you at every step of the way.

In case you're pregnant, we recommend waiting until after your delivery to join.

What to bring

We recommend bringing a journal, water and dress as cozy and comfortable as possible.

The session will be guided in English.

About Vanessa

Vanessa is a Somatic Therapist and catalyst for creatives, leaders and those aspiring to be.

She's always been curious about people and our inner workings and after a decade of work in the tech & startup world, facing burnout and other life challenges, she went deep into her own healing process and found her calling in it. This led her to train in a variety of modalities that changed her own life to now support and educate others. Her toolset ranges from various techniques of somatic healing, sound therapy and breathwork to psychological tools and concepts, such as parts work and inner child healing. She loves creativity and innovation and her mission is to teach people how to overcome life challenges, process unexpressed emotions and access your unique inner brilliance. In her group sessions she loves the aspect of togetherness and the possibility to inspire you to realize that healing and deeper levels of consciousness are accessible for all of us.

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    35,00 €
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