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A holistic yoga weekend in a community-run farm and performance art center in Uckermark, Germany.

06. - 08. October 2023

Check-in Friday at 5pm
Check-out Sunday at 2pm


Take a weekend for yourself to find balance in body and mind. Alex and Sarah will take you on a journey balancing Yang (Pingala, Sun) & Yin (Ida, Moon) energies , to guide you back to your natural state of oneness - so you can live your life in balance and aligned with your truth.

Yoga in itself (Hatha means literally Sun & Moon) is a practice that encourages synchronization with the celestial cycles that help the body and mind into alignment with the Sun, the Moon and everything beyond! 

One core belief of Yoga is that everything we see in nature we can also find inside of us. We can find the qualities of the Sun, its fierceness, its strength, its activity within us just as much as the qualities of the moon, its softness, its tenderness, its cyclicity. Very often, through our everyday life and our habits we shift away from our natural state of balance. Yet, as we become more aware of our tendencies, we can re-invite and balance the two polarities to step back into oneness, our true potential and greater spirit.

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About the retreat home

The renovated farm and former Gutshof Ponderosa is today a community-run art centre and a place for creation and connection. It is located in the German countryside Uckermark just an hour by train from Berlin, close to Poland. Ponderosa offers lots of space to be creative, to connect back with nature and to find the beauty in the gifts of life.

The surroundings are perfect for long walks through the Lower Oder Valley National Park or refreshing dips in the nearby river.

"Yoga is balancing the emotions and the intellect." - Vishwaguruji

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This retreat program will guide you back to a deeper awareness for your natural tendencies and support you to attune the qualities of the sun and the moon within you and create more balance within your body, mind & heart.

No matter if you are new to yoga or already a long time practitioner - this retreat will give you a great chance to dive into all aspects of yoga and bring this knowledge into your everyday life.


Exemplary day at the retreat

08.30 - Guided meditation & pranayama

09.00 - 90 min Vinyasa Yoga with Alex

11.00 - Vegan organic Brunch

12.30 – Sun & Moon Workshop

14.00 - Healthy snack

14.30 - Swimming in the river & exploring nature around

18.00 – Deep Yin Yoga with Sarah

20.00 - Vegan organic Dinner

21.00 – Chanting & Bonfire

The Retreat program will be guided in English.



Single/Twin Room:

Early-Bird: 390 EUR /  Full Price: 429 EUR


Early-Bird: 330 EUR / Full Price: 359 EUR

What is included:

accommodation for 2 nights, healthy & organic meals,  yoga program, props & equipment as well as workshop material.


What is not included:

transport & additional bookings like private yoga.

About the team

The retreat is led and guided by Alex & Sarah from Yoga on the Move. The two will guide you step by step into the practices independently of your level of experience.


Alex is a licensed medical doctor and Yoga teacher working and living in Berlin. He teaches yoga in a non-rigid and modern form based on a scientific understanding of movement and of the body. Having received his medical license, Alex uses his profound anatomical and physiological knowledge to adapt his guidance to the unique physiognomy of each of his students, herewith creating a safe environment for all to freely express their body wisdom through movement.


Sarah is a certified yoga teacher, movement pedagogue and professional dancer. She holds space for yoga, dance & music in several studios & spaces in Berlin. In her presence you will find an ecstatic and conscious yoga practice. You will practice flowing with the breath and connecting with your deepest self (Atman) through the practice of yoga. Letting go of old and gaining new energy. Meditation and mantra chanting will also find their place. Creative flows await you, which may also include a touch of dance. She invites you onto a holistic, spiritual path.


Alex & Sarah are more than happy to welcome you!


About the transport

Transportation is not included in the retreat price.

The location can be easily reached by public transport from Berlin Hbf.

Arrival & Departure

We will connect those, who are interested, with each other to share rides or train tickets.

Everything was perfect! The location, food, yoga teacher, atmosphere.

I would love to go back again to this place with you!


- Participant of Finding Balance Ponderosa Retreat 2021

Visual Impressions of our Brandenburg Retreat

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