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Focus of Month - June 2022

Patience – धैर्य dhairy

written by Leonie

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is Patience.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since I have kids, patience has become overly important - patience with them and patience with myself. Patience is what I'm seeking for right now, during our third week of quarantine at home with my 1,5 year old twins. I take the time to write this focus when they sleep - at noon and at night. I am learning to be patient when they are sick and I can't work on my heart project, when I have to wait for weeks before putting my ideas into action. Patience when they want something so badly that they won't stop crying and patience when they walk one way while I want to walk another. I think impatience is one of the reasons why many of us wait so long before having children. We want to walk our own path, follow our career, reach our goals without looking left or right. Impatience is a virtue in a system that requires profits. To be successful in this system - through the eyes of others -requires to be impatient. I know that I am not always patient, just like many people I know. With this focus, I invite you and me to open up for a little more patience in life with ourselves and with others.