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Focus of the Month - April

The Law of Giving & Receiving

by Marlene & Louisa

The month of April we want to dedicate to The Law of Giving and Receiving. Giving and receiving are different expressions of the same flow of energy in the universe. The universe is in constant exchange between contraction & expansion. In order to find balance within we as humans as well need to learn how to give and receive equally. The Law of Giving and Receiving helps us to keep energy moving freely and allow abundance, love, and anything else we wish for in our life flowing to us.

At its most basic level this Principle has to do with our connection with the environment, our home, the planet earth. We are all a fundamental part of the whole and each of us is as critically important as the next, including everything found in nature. If you think about breathing and the exchange of gases this truly explains the Principle of Giving & Receiving. If there were no plants we wouldn’t have the necessary air quality to support our lives, and of course the same is true for plants, as they need us for their use of carbon dioxide. Hence a symbiotic relationship exists. Of course, this is just one example of the hundreds of examples that make up the Web of Life in our Universe.

The essence of this Principle is that when we give, we will receive and vice versa. So, the receiving is just as important as the giving. Here is an area where we might have grown up hearing that it is better to give than to receive, but this Principle insists that both the giving and the receiving are as important as each other in our quest to realize our full potential.

Together with Active Giving we want to apply the Law of Giving and Receiving to our actions this month - and give something back to nature. The Active Giving app gives us the chance to plant trees by simply tracking our yoga activities. For every 30min of yoga the money for one tree to be planted is donated to TREES FOR FUTURE.