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Focus of the Month - Dezember 2022

Dāna - Generosity and Giving

written by Jenny Trinh

“Be like a river in generosity and giving.” - Rumi

Another leap around the sun has passed and the month of December has now arrived. It marks the end of the year which naturally leads us to reflect and introspect on the past 12 months. Which seeds did we plant and from which could we nurture strong and firm roots. What did we learn and integrate, in which directions did we personally grow? Throughout the year we connected to many valuable qualities in our Yoga practice like kindness, non-attachment, oneness, compassion - Ultimately those are the seeds we want to nurture.

One of my teachers in India has devoted almost his entire life to his spiritual journey, studying texts of wisdom, living in Ashrams, not wanting or desiring more than he needs. It was him who has shown me how kindness, non-attachment, oneness, compassion can look like in human form. One day, he surprised us with several books he thought would benefit our spiritual journey and Asana practice, paying out of his own pocket. We all were so grateful but also offered him to pay for the books ourselves and what he has then responded has touched me deeply: “Whatever I give, I will receive in many other ways.”.