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Focus of the Month - May

Spanda स्पन्द


Spanda translated to mean “movement", “motion" or “vibration".


Everything is constantly in movement, nothing is ever stagnant, even though it sometimes seems like it. We all know this feeling of being stuck or low in energy. The concept of Spanda (स्पन्द), the ever existing universal pulse, can help us to remember that even though we can't see the desired progress on the outside sometimes, on a micro level we are always transforming and evolving. In times of seemingly stillness or stagnation we actually plant necessary seeds for our journey ahead


Building trust in this force of Spanda helps us to navigate our energy on this path called life. Letting go of dualities, embracing expansion and contraction equally, trusting that one day we reap the harvest of our intentions and giving our self the space and time we need to expand in our very unique way 🌞🌙

The pulsation of our heart, the sound of our breath, the vibration within our cells - beyond all outer shapes or forms we are deeply connected. We always have and always will be. We just forgot 💚

All we have to do is to pause, turn inwards and feel 🌱

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep. - William James

Integrate into Yoga Practice

  • The practice of meditation and yoga can help us to actually see that all patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale all the way down to the smallest sub-atomic substance, including the metaphysical are the same. Remembering that we are one

Written by: Marlene Schmitt @marlalene

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