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Focus of the Month - October

प्रभव Prabhavaḥ - New Beginnings

Meaning: We all recognize the importance of being able to start fresh; to be born into a new situation or experience. A fresh start presents us with the opportunity to reflect on our lives, and to begin with a focus on creating conditions that will support and nourish us.

When we embark on a new project, we often do learn a lot about our own essence, our tendencies, our fears, our strengths. There is a feeling of potency at the beginning of a new endeavor, like anything is possible.

I often feel like this at the beginning of every yoga practice.  When I step onto my mat, it can feel like anything is possible!  When I practice at home, I will often begin in child’s pose and hold it for a while until something emerges from that field of potential. Some days, if I’m feeling tight or tired, a gentle, introspective practice will present itself.  Other days, I might come to the mat with a previously thought out plan, particularly if I want to work on a pose that “poses” challenges to me.