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Focus of the Month - September

Shraddhā (श्रद्धा) - Trust

With this new month of September we are slowly transitioning into a new season of the year. Days are getting shorter again. Leaves start to fall off the trees. And in Germany specifically this month brings big political decisions and uncertainty.

With this season of change we transition into a phase of release. Sometimes this unknown future and lack of trust can cause emotional irritation, like feelings of insecurity, lability or even anxiety.

It’s hard to have trust when the world seems to be in chaos and nothing in life seems to be consistent. Having a regular yoga practice can help to provide structure and stability in uncertain times. But more essentially it’s deep within ourselves where we have to create this foundation of trust, a foundation that will help us to feel rooted and safe even in the stormiest days.

With this month’s focus we want to provide you with knowledge, tools, easy techniques and most importantly yoga classes to help you to build trust within.


In Sanskrit, trust or faith is called Shraddhā, and one of “the six treasures of Vedanta”.

Components of Shraddhā are fundamental trust, self-confidence, trust in destiny, trust in other people, trust in God.

Pragmatically, trust is knowing you will be fine no matter what - the deep conviction that everything is right.