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7-Week Course: Meridian-based Yoga

About the course

A transformative 7-week journey through the wisdom of TCM & Yoga guided by Yoga on the Move teacher Marlene Schmitt. In this course we apply the tools of Vinyasa yoga, Meridian-based Asana (body postures), meditation and Pranayama (breath regulation) to deeply connect with body, mind & heart. This 7-week journey will guide you step by step through your inner world. This Yoga Immersion is for you newly embarking on a yoga journey, or interested in diving into the wisdom of TCM and meridian-based movement. So whether you are still new to the practice or you would like to immerse yourself in your path, this course is just for you. Marlene will guide you through the seven weeks helping you to start your year mindfully and connected, with your body, mind and heart. ABOUT MARLENE Marlene is a 900hrs+ certified Yoga Teacher, co-founder of Yoga on the Move and Nike trainer. Marlene is fascinated by the healing power of yoga on a physical, mental and emotional level. Through her classes she wants to inspire to let go of the everyday worries and invite to dive into deeper layers of consciousness. She teaches Vinyasa, meditation and yin yoga.




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