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Focus of the Month - October

Mūla (मूल) - Root

“Mula मूल is a Sanskrit term meaning “root,” “base” or “foundation." In yoga, mula is the first of the bandhas (energy locks) that help yogis to manage the energy within their bodies when practicing yoga. It's associated with the muladhara (root) chakra.”


With this new month we welcome you to Autumn in the northern hemisphere. October is not only the season of release and reflection, for us it also is anniversary month of our Yoga studio, that we opened just one year ago in Berlin-Schöneberg. The focus of the month of October is Mula, root or foundation. Over one year ago, when we first had the vision to create the Shala, it was our wish to built a physical space, that feels home to our teaching team, practicing yogis and community. And today, one year late, we can say that despite a long time of closure due to the lockdown, we feel like we have arrived in our Shala. Seeing many of our students returning and continuing to come back to practice, makes us truly grateful.

Beyond a physical space, mula is connected to feelings of stability, calmness and safety.

When thinking of finding a base or foundation in yoga, ayurvedic medicine comes to mind. In Ayurvedic medicine there are three different doshas, Kapha , Pitta and Vata. Vata being the dosha of autumn, which is fitting as autumn is dry, light, windy, with a lot of change. In ayurvedic medicine, we want to bring balance and calm down this vata energy by welcoming in the qualities of the other doshas. We try to find stability in our roots, find ways to ground our energy. Be in the present this autumn, take a moment to enjoy this steady change of the season, look at the trees and the colors of the autumn light.