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Hatha: Balance of Sun & Moon

Updated: Apr 17

Focus of the Month November 2023

written by Sarah Scholz

"The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to establish a body that is less susceptible to outside influences - a stable platform to build on."

- Sadhguru

Hatha हठ योग - “Sun” & “Moon” - Hatha is a Sanskrit word that can be broken down into two smaller words: ha, meaning “sun,” and tha, meaning “moon.” The word may also mean “willful” or "forceful.”

Find balance within yourself

Friends & fellow Yoga practitioners, autumn is knocking at our doors, it's gradually getting colder & the days are getting shorter - it’s time to look deeper within & balance our energies. Just recently, I had the opportunity to host a nourishing Sun & Moon Retreat, receiving the chance to dive deeper into the topic of the word & meaning of HATHA.

I invite you to explore the play between the sun & moon, the yang & yin, the shiva & shakti together with me!

Both energies exist within each of us, yet it often happens that we dive into one energy more than the other.

Let’s learn why they can’t live without one another.

With this being said, I invite you to reflect on your daily life, your routines & explore how you can integrate both energies equally to find balance.

Invoking the energies of Sun (Ha) & Moon (tha)

The world in which we live operates in perfect harmony with these two universal energies of divine feminine (moon) and divine masculine (sun) qualities. Any balanced system celebrates the unique roles of each energy, not weighing one’s importance over the other. And, in an exemplary system, each of these energies actually feeds and allows the other to exist. It's necessary for those energies to be in balance.

When these two forces of Ha (Sun) & Tha (Moon) harmonize with one another, we find the third Energy, which is Balance. Who wouldn’t want to be in this perfect balance all the time?

That would be the perfect situation, right? Yet, as we find in ourselves & also in this world, one energy is often more potent than the other! Therefore, instead of seeing this as a dance between two, we´re invited to view it as a trinity.

One should train in deeds of merit—generosity, a balanced life, developing a loving mind—that yield long-lasting happiness. - Buddha

If we recognise & integrate both, the Moon and the Sun qualities in peaceful resonance with one another, we will automatically live in the third energy of Balance. If we lean more heavily into one direction than another, balance will always be elusive to us, just out of reach.


By identifying which activities fall into each category and assessing how we currently use our time and resources, we can see more clearly how we are out of balance and in what ways we can shift our focus, schedule, flow and attention to better serve the health of our body, heart, soul and spirit.

  1. What common activities in my life define the Sun Category?

  2. What common activities in your life define the Moon Category?

  3. When in my life do I feel that my Sun & Moon Energy is out of balance?

  4. In which quality am I more active, Sun or Moon?

  5. Which quality/energy can I invite into my life to find balance?

Defining Sun & Moon Energy

The “Ha” Sun energy manifests in the following ways, in our modern everyday life: Work | attending meetings | networking | focus-based projects | sticking to a timeline | meeting a deadline | studying | homework | work-oriented travel | business immersions | productivity | planning | assessment | achievement | task completion | running errands | implementation | In service to others | Yang Yoga (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Jivamukti)

The “tha” Moon energy manifests in the following ways, in our modern everyday life:

sleep | cooking | eating | feeding others | yin yoga | soft dance | walks | meditation | intimacy | silence | forms of movement in which you derive pleasure | card-pulling | journaling | writing | reading | prayer | connecting with friends or family | vacations | self-care | creativity | art-making | visioning or visualizing | gardening | earthing | resting/Doing nothing | Being in service to the self.

What happens when my Moon & Sun Energy are out of balance?

  • An excess of Sun energy results in burn-out, exhaustion, feeling depleted, constantly tired, overworked, uptight, close-mindedness.

  • An excess of Moon energy results in stagnancy, lack of motivation, dullness, lacking passion or drive, and low energy.

How to find Balance?

Practice Hatha Yoga to balance both energies or see if you can invoke the energy that is missing in an activity.

Imagine the following: You are at work, you are very busy, it's hectic and you have to operate quickly (Sun energy).

See if you can still do the same work and invite more Moon by using deeper breaths, by doing one thing at a time instead of doing everything at once, connecting with your heart by closing the eyes just for a few seconds. Recognise how this shifts the energy into a more balanced state while doing the same work as before.

Creating an ideal balance of Sun & Moon Energy in your daily life

We are all bio-individuals, which means that only you know how you operate best. Part of this work is knowing yourself and knowing what makes sense for your unique bodily rhythms, as well as your unique schedule and structure of your life.

What works well for most of us though, is this:

Start your day with “Moon” energy - According to Ayurveda, our body rhythms align with nature’s rhythms to support us in starting the day slowly. Ideally this is a time we look inward and turn toward self-care, intention, and devotion.This looks like self-care practices, yoga, movement, meditation, nourishing ourselves/loved ones, setting goals and intentions for the day, starting the day slowly and mindfully.

Move into “Sun” energy during the day - This is when, according to Ayurveda, our body rhythms align with nature’s rhythms, giving us more energy, focus and enthusiasm to take care of business! This looks like work, running errands, planning, strategizing, taking meetings and interacting with the outside world.

Move back into “Moon” energy later in the evening - An obvious time to reflect on the day, recuperate, nourish and nurture ourselves after a day of work, concentration & focus. When we give ourselves permission to end our day with Moon energy, we have a chance to refill our cup, so we can begin the cycle again tomorrow.

Sun & Moon Energy in Yoga

The yoga tradition teaches us that there are two key energy channels in the body called ida and the pingala, the lunar and solar channels. These energies can be compared to the complementary forces that make up life: male and female, hot and cold, etc.

In yoga, the Sun is called Surya and is considered one of the primary forms of God. Surya is the heart of the world as all other planets revolve around it, it represents willpower, vitality, and courage in our lives.

Since ancient times, yogis have worshiped and worked with the unique power and force of the Sun – through breathwork like Surya Bhedana (Sun Piercing Breath), through asana like Surya Namaskar and through mantra like Om Suryaya Namaha which can be combined with the Sun Salutations for an even more powerful experience.

The Solar Plexus Chakra holds the energy of your personal Sun and is where your self-confidence is born. Working with this chakra can provide greater insight into self-motivation and your sense of purpose.

"When you are living your Sun, you are purposeful, directed, proud and creative."

Asanas to activate the Sun Energy:

Sun Salutation, Bow Pose, Plank, Warrior 3, Cobra Pose, Boat Pose permeate every facet of our life.


Surya Bhedana is a warming pranayama, or breathwork, focused on one nostril: the right. Surya, or sun, refers to the right nostril of the nose, which is connected to the Pingala Nadi of the body. Bhedana means to pierce or pass through.

Bija Mantra to activate the Sun:

RAM (Manipura Chakra)

Developing a connection to the lunar energy (Moon) enables us to feel cool, soothed, calm and nurtured. It can help us develop our intuition and turn inward. These types of yoga practices help us feel recharged and refreshed.

Sometimes we need to adjust our yoga by slowing down and being more mindful. If we want to connect to the lunar energy we can hold poses for longer, place emphasis on the exhalation and add pauses to the breath at the end of the exhale. In doing so we cultivate more stabilizing lunar qualities enabling us to reflect more.

Asanas to activate the Moon Energy:

Devotional Warrior With Eagle Arms, Peaceful Warrior Half Moon Pose, Moon Salutation. The moon’s power is passive; therefore, restorative yoga postures can help you get in touch with your lunar side: Legs Up the Wall, Reclining Bound Angle Pose, and Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose, yin yoga


Chandra Bhedana, focused on one nostril: the left. Chandra, or moon, refers to the left nostril of the nose, which is connected to Ida Nadi of the body. Bhedana means to pierce or pass through.

Bija Mantra to activate the Moon:

VAM (Swadisthana Chakra)

Strive for balance. Then shall you find harmony.

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