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454g of Artisan Ceremonial Cacao, Produced in Suchitepéquez at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala


Ceremonial Cacao is the medicine of the heart. It is supporting us in opening our heart space and activating our inner trust & guidance.


It supports us by naturally restoring self-love that we need to connect joyfully with our true being and others. Through the heart cacao has been touched by only caring hands and handled with care and intention from planting the seed to the warm, nurturing drink in your cup.


Ceremonial Cacao originated in the ancient traditions of the Mayans and Aztecs and is the purest form of cacao. It still contains natural healthy fats that are essential to absorb its nutrients and feel its abundant effects. 


Our cacao has been wildcrafted at a female Mayan-owned land in Suchitepequez, Guatemala, and supports keeping their traditions alive. 


Cacao’s transformational effects can be felt through deepening meditative states, boosting creativity, removing emotional blockages, strengthening connections, and simply living through your heart.

Ceremonial Cacao

Sales Tax Included
  • You can return your unused product in original packaging within 14 days after receival. The return cost remain at the customer's expense. Returns can be dropped off in person at the Shala as well.

  • You can choose between getting your items shipped for 5€ or simply picking them up at the Shala.

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