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Focus of the Month - July 2022

Sthira & Sukham - Steadiness & Ease

written by Jenny T.

The focus of this month “Sthira and Sukham” (steadiness and ease) is addressing something that we all might have experienced in our lives - imbalance. “Higher, faster, better, more” seems to be the credo and it does drive us forward. But still we are humans and no perpetuum mobiles. In my first job as a project manager I experienced what it means to be out of balance. I was pushing myself so much to an extent that not only did my energy levels drop really low, but I also felt completely out of touch with myself about what I want, where I want to go and especially what I need. The urge to accomplish more and more wasn’t forced upon me. I was even encouraged to take it more easily, but the pressure was created only by myself, my mind. I forgot not only to permit myself to rest but also to enjoy the beautiful job that I was lucky to have.

Now I know, it’s a blessing to pause, take a look at where we are and ask ourselves how and if our actions and efforts help us to grow. And also, do we still allow ourselves to experience the beauty of life in the meanwhile and truly embrace the presence? This is where the concept of Sthira and Sukham (steadiness and ease) come into play and can teach us how to truly connect to ourselves, find inner harmony and follow our path with more grace and joy.